At Swindon Home Control we take great pride in our work as well as the homes that we created for our clients.

Everyone is different and with that we understand, everyone expects different results from home automation. This is why we approach every client differently and listen to learn how you can imagine your own home so we can create a design which is special to you.

After an initial meeting and a few revisions of specifications we can create a design which suits the requirements that you have to make sure that you can comfortable use the Niko system in exactly the way you wanted.

From a simple system of controlling lights all the way to an advanced system of blinds, lights, windows, doors and heating. Whether its functional control of your home or security settings that make you feel more comfortable at home. If you are looking to upgrade your home to live in or up sell your home for the housing market we can custom design a system to suit you.

We also document and create case studies on our work which allows us to demonstrate system which we have built as well as show off the homes of the clients who have really enjoyed working with Niko.

These case studies can be access through this page through either the drop down menu at the top or selected one of the titles below: