There are 3 different types of service that we offer. This will depend on your current situation based on how far your project is and if you already have installation contractors selected. 

Design and Commissioning:

If you already have installation contractors allocated for your project then we can design, install the hub and the accessories for your home control before commissioning. We can work with your team and guide them through the cabling process towards a completed installation ready for our system. We provide site meetings, electronic documents with detailed plans on cable sitings containing specific labelling and mobile technical support when required. 

Infrastructure Installation:

As well as design and commissioning we also have an experienced team of infrastructure installers which we offer in the absence of any existing contractor already involved. This offers all of the above as well as the cabling and power requirements for the rest of your electrical installation. We will be able to handle all of your electrical requirements from small power and distribution to AV and data transfer. 

Complete Build:

If you are in your early stages and are currently trying to find building contractors to undergo your project then we can offer this service and supply you with a complete package cost to cover all the work related. This helps our clients to keep everything running smoothly with the need to speak to only 1 contractor about and progress or changes to the project. All communication can be relayed quickly and there are no hold ups when trying to organise through several trades and contractors simultaneously.